Trio Collection: Heal, Awake, and Relax Bath Bombs


Now you can enjoy all three of our CBD infused bath bombs at 10% off when you purchase our TRIO Bath Bomb Package. Our HEAL, AWAKE, and RELAX bath bombs are here for when you need them most. While not every day presents the same stresses, our Trio package lets you choose how you recoup with some serious me time. Awaken your senses or relieve aches and pains with all natural essential oils any day of the week.

Lab Tested
Within every Volūm CBD product, a series of third party testing is conducted throughout the creation process. All Volūm product are all-natural, ethical, safe, and completely lab tested. In addition, our Volūm products are never animal tested.

For a comprehensive detailing of our lab test results, you can find every Volūm CBD product detailed here:Volūm Lab Test results