CBD products are all the rage right now. It's trending in beauty, health and medicinal products all across the world. In reality, hemp has been celebrated for hundreds of years but is just now regaining its popularity again.

Find out what the big deal is all about with our Volum CBD Roll-On Stick that delivers a topical experience of all the powerful wonders of CBD with just a roll onto your body.

Big Benefits of CBD

When applying a topical solution of CBD, your body soaks up the benefits of CBD oil very fast. Unlike the process of digesting food where nutrients have to go through the system to break down, the ingredients sink in directly with just a swipe. It's possible for CBD to instantly provide pain relief.

When you place this product in your cart, you can rest assured you'll experience fast pain relief.

Although pain relief is an amazing feature of the product, there are other benefits. Using a CBD roll on for anxiety is priceless.

Adding our CBD roll-on stick in your cart can help ensure your stress and anxiety will melt away along with the pain.

Why a Roll-On?

This roll-on in your cart offers one of the most efficient and convenient ways to deliver CBD quickly. There is no need to smoke it, eat it, or swallow the CBD content. It goes straight into your skin, the largest organ in your system. While food goes through a long process of delivering the goods, a roll-on bypasses all the stops and is on the job immediately.

CBD is deposited on the skin, seeps in through the layers of the skin, and is deposited where it's needed. It is not hard on your throat, digestion, or nose because it is delivered directly on target.

This product also contains other medicinal ingredients:

  • Peppermint essential oil has been appreciated for centuries for its ability to melt away pain. It also invigorates, stimulates the brain, and smells delightful.
  • Copaiba oil comes from the Copaiba tree. The resin-like oil is a natural pain-killer, anti-inflammatory agent, and is a promoter of healing. It contains organic infection-fighting ingredients as well.
  • Lavender is a soothing, calming and relaxing essential oil that is known to relieve stress. It clears the mind and instills an overall good vibe, promoting mental health and well-being.

You can actually work this lovely product on grounded areas such as your neck or around your wrist. Doing so will allow it to work on problematic targeted issues like a headache, sinus attack, tennis elbow, or any other complaint you are experiencing.

What is CBD?

CBD is an active and effective ingredient in hemp that is beneficial to health and well-being. It contains absolutely no THC, so it does not alter your mood or get you high. Hemp is legal in the United States and in the majority of countries throughout the world. It has been used for centuries for medicinal benefits.

In the past, hemp got a bad reputation for being associated with marijuana. In recent times, the clarification has been made. Hemp is not a psychoactive substance. It does, however, have near-magical benefits.

Why use the Volum Roll-On?

If you don't want to smoke or ingest hemp, this method of delivering through your skin is quick and very effective. It is convenient because you can easily take it with you wherever you go and can use it anywhere to relieve painful joints and muscles, eliminate stress and anxiety, rid yourself of skin irritations, and a ton of other uses.

What We Promise

When you place our roll-on CBD in your cart, you are opting for excellence. We guarantee the CBD we use is of the best high-quality CBD available. We only sell 100% organic CBD, so you never have to worry about toxins, fertilizers, GMOs, or petroleum products tainting the CBD formulation.

Our CBD content is 200 MG per product stick. With that kind of excellence, you'll see results in mere days, if not hours.

To ensure the maximum beneficial results, we consult the experts for our formulation. We also consult those who know about the growing of hemp, so we derive our roll-on from the best plants in existence.

Whether you have painful discomfort of your joints, stress, and anxiety, or any other mental or physical ailment, we invite you to try this product.  Ditch the toxin-ridden, chemical-laden, contaminated products and take what nature has gifted you.

We stand behind all of our products and never sell anything we wouldn't use on ourselves and on our own family members. Our roll-on CBD is nothing short of astounding with every glorious application. When you choose Volum, you are choosing the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the substance sticky or stinky?

No. This product is neither sticky or stinky. It has a very light, pleasant scent like lavender and peppermint. It has a transparent, non-sticky presence on the skin.

How long does it take to absorb this product?

The goodness of this hemp product is absorbed immediately. It will go right to work for you.

Do I need a prescription to use a hemp product such as this one?

No. This product is completely legal and requires absolutely no prescription.