All natural goodness!

All our products are all natural and cruelty free. We use organic ingredients with no phthalates or parabens. We put our products through extensive lab testing to make sure our customers receive only the best. Our products are a reflection of our core beliefs, and that's why we ensure each product is highly effective and affordably priced. Wellness should be accessible to everyone.

Aches and pains keeping you down? Not anymore. Combining soothing eucalyptus and muscle relaxing magnesium, enjoy the bliss that is Volūm HEAL Bath Bomb. Say hello to the new you.

With the boosting effects of lemon, bergamot essential oil and rejuvenating orange peels, our AWAKE Bath Bomb boosts your immune system and kicks toxins to the curb.

Sink into self care with our RELAX Bath Bomb, designed to melt away the stress and anxieties of the daily grind, with all-natural essential lavender oils, colloidal oatmeal, and chamomile.

Peppermint, copaiba and lavender to the rescue. Our HEADACHE Target Roller combines the ancient powers of essential oils, proven to help relax muscles and alleviate pain. With our Target Roller, you’re empowered to relieve specific tensions. Say hello to your new multipurpose tool!

Our REPAIRING Sleeping Mask hydrates even the busiest of faces with an all-natural, water based sleep mask, full of rich antioxidant chamomile, collagen producing calendula, and wrinkle reducing hyaluronic acid. It does all the multitasking for you.

Customer Reviews

"After a long day at the office, this helped me have a good night's sleep. The ingredients in this are so good!" - RELAX BATH BOMB

Lauren R.  -  2 FEB 2020

"Love love love! On my second one already. I use it 3x/week at night after toning and serum. The smell is amazing. The product soaks into my skin super fast and doesn’t leave a weird residue like other overnight masks. This really helps with my redness and leaving my skin so supple!" - REPAIRING SLEEP MASK

Michelle H.  -  29 JAN 2020

"Bought the product for my mom she said it works great for the pain, she puts it on and she feels good." - TARGET ROLLER

Oscar S.  - 15 JAN 2020

Wellness for all.

You are on a continuous journey to achieve personal wellness.
Focus on accomplishing your goals, not on your stress and pain.

Heal your body.


Whether you work out daily or once a week, it is important to care about your body and how it heals. Our Heal Bath Bomb can help improve your recovery time.

Relax your soul.


Prioritize self-care to increase mental and physical wellness. Make time to unwind and have "me" time with our Relax Bath Bomb.


Center your mind.


The daily grind can often take a toll on all of us. Take a minute to calm your mind with our Target Roller.